Super Bunny Man

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This original and funny platformer will surround you with its cozy atmosphere as soon as you discover the insane plot of Super Bunny Man! Prepare to improve your mood by passing hilarious and risky levels full of traps and carrots. The story is nothing concrete, but it doesn’t’ prevent our heroes equipped with bouncy rabbit costumes to enjoy their adventures.

The goal of each bunny is to move forward and collect all the carrots they see on their way. When you get to the end of the level, try to accurately dive into a portal that will carry you to another location you have to pass. If you’re lucky to find the hidden carrot and take it with you, that will increase your total score. At first, the levels seem to be simple, but that’s just on the outside. Once you start playing, you’ll have to maneuver between a number of obstacles and doing that will be quite tricky because of the unusual physics.

The rabbits will encounter spikes with edgy tops, deep pits, abysses and pools of water, spring traps that will send your hero flying all the way to the beginning of the level and much more. You won’t have even a second to relax! Everything is designed so as to cripple the hero as much as possible and not to let him get to the finish line. Luckily, the rabbit suits are not common, too, they are amortized and allow you to bounce off the surfaces tumbling in the air! The exciting world of Super Bunny Man is available online on our site. It’s time to make your first steps in it!