Super Bunny Man 2019

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Set up a real platformer party, team up with your best friend and set out to pass daring levels in Super Bunny Man! Two rabbits of pink and yellow color are ready to cope with all the tasks. Each level will send you on an amazing adventure during which you’ll have to pick up carrots and find a portal that will transport you to the next location. To get to the wormhole, you need to work in tandem and deal with all the difficulties as a team. Passing the most complicated parts of your trajectory won’t be easy, you’ll need some practice until you’ll get the hang of the bizarre physics of the game. On some locations, you’ll have to perform unimaginable stunts that will require your rabbit – and your fingers – to be in a good shape. Not all the levels can be passed at the first attempts, sometimes you’ll need to try for quite a long time. But in the end, your patience will be rewarded. Come up with unusual ways to get to the carrots and stick close to your partner! Otherwise it won’t be long until you fall into a trap. Completing the missions in the company of the funny rabbits is going to be very interesting. Besides, there are plenty of other modes that you can enjoy. Play Super Bunny Man on our site and you are sure to like it!