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Super Bunny Man is a crazy cooperative platformer with profound physics. The heroes of the game are guys who dressed up as bunnies of acid colors. With a funny company like that, they are going to hop between the platforms, collect carrots and dodge cunningly set traps. You might think it’s just another primitive platfomer, but you’re wrong! The gameplay is rather challenging. Each level has an extra goal: try to complete the location in a limited amount of time or obtain a secret carrot. You can play the game on your own or with friends, split in teams of two. There is also an opportunity to organize a deathmatch with the participation of four players in local multiplayer. There are plenty of picturesque, eventful locations for you to set foot in and dozens of obstacles for you to overcome. But the most important thing here is the atmosphere of sheer fun and madness. Plunge into the colorful  world of Super Bunny Man and see if you can beat all the levels or your friends for that matter!