Super Bunny Man 2

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In the sea of ​​online games available on the Internet, it can be difficult to choose something new and interesting. But Super Bunny Man will definitely surprise and entertain you! And it’s not just that the characters are crazy, dressed as rabbits, who run and jump in different locations that don’t fit in their heads. The very style of graphics and physics, to which you still have to get used to, immediately attract attention. So, are you ready to plunge into the world of unusual adventures and positive impressions? Then put on your rabbit costume and welcome to the game!

Locations here are very diverse. You will visit the most unexpected climatic zones, from the hot tropical south to the cold, ice-covered north. In each of these places you are waiting for tasks and obstacles. Somewhere it will be necessary to simply collect as many carrots as possible, but do not think that they will simply be scattered on the road – for this you have to sweat. It will be necessary to climb into remote places, covered with spikes and separated by abysses, go down to the bottom of the ocean and ride over the rocks to get to all the carrots on the level. And, of course, the main goal is a secret carrot, hidden away from your eyes. Having found it, you will receive a significant bonus to your final score.

Some locations require you to go through all the obstacles for a certain time. Click on the buttons quickly and watch the timer, but do not forget about caution! After all, if you run into a trap, you have to start all over again. And it happens to be insulting for some seconds before the finish line. And, of course, all this must be done together with a friend. Rabbits travel the world, holding tight to each other. Often this is the only way to travel – on a tropical island, for example, only one jet ski, so they can only ride it in one piece. The same applies to the North Pole, where you have to share one sled. The one who sits behind the wheel, will have to be as agile as possible to manage the transport in order to go around all the traps. And the one who sits behind, will have to cling to his comrade with might and main in order not to fly off during some particularly dangerous maneuver.

There are in the game and team games, designed for more than two players. For example, you can join the basketball team and try your hand at throwing carrots in the ring. Periodically, you can jump over the net yourself, it’s terribly fun! Well, you can compete in a match all against all and try to remain the only survivor at the level, pushing your opponents into the pits and on the stakes. Play Super Bunny Man online and discover the new features of this incredible platformer!