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Do you know that they can mess up two completely obscene eccentrics in rabbits costumes? Great game Super Bunny Man will tell you about it. Its plot is quite simple, or rather, there is no plot at all. Just two friends, for some reason, dressed in pink and yellow bunny, travel to different locations and defy the laws of physics. They have no lack of adventures, at each level the developers came up with something new. Our heroes will visit the usual forest clearing, and in the open ocean, and on tropical islands, and even in an ice cave. Each location is a specific type of challenge that must be overcome, playing alone or in a team with a friend. You can also arrange competitions between players or teams in multiplayer.

What will our merry rabbits do? They have a lot of cases. It is necessary to swim on the vast expanse of water on a scooter, deftly skirting obstacles. Devious pins will hang out of the water and even hang down from above. You will need maximum maneuverability to avoid trouble. At the North Pole, the scooter will be replaced by sleds, which you will have to ride on ice slides. And all this for a while! The level must be completed before the timer in the corner of the screen expires, otherwise you will not receive bonuses. There are also other types of games – for example, very strange basketball or classic deathmatch. But do not worry, despite the bloodthirsty name, nothing frightening about it. The graphics are made in bright, cheerful colors, there is no violence on the screen – well, except that a couple of drops of blood to show that the hero was trapped and died. But this is only until the next game!

Our rabbits also move in a very unusual way – they do not run and do not jump, but they tumble. Probably, it’s all about their suits, provided with depreciation. In such you can not worry about hitting the hard surface of the earth or drowning in the sea. But the thorns and other obstacles must be feared, because they can pierce the rubber fabric and get to the unprotected body. In the course of the game, you also need to collect carrots – the final score depends on it. There are also levels with secret carrots – they must first be found, which can be fraught with difficulties and repeated attempts. Once the task is completed, the rabbits can dive into the portal, which will transfer them to the next location. Good luck in the game!