Super Bunny Man 3

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Super Bunny Man is a hilarious, atmospheric, insane platformer game based on unusual physics. You are going to plunge into an ocean of fun with challenging levels, cooperative mode and many other exciting features! There is no specific story – the point of the game is to control the heroes in rabbit costumes, run forward and gather carrots. At the end of the level, there is some kind of a portal where you need to get. But don’t think this is going to be so easy! The locations are actually quite tough, each is a real obstacle course and getting through it will be one hell of a task in Super Bunny Man 3!

Spikes protruding from the ground, pits and abysses, giant pools of water, spring traps throwing you up into the sky – this is just the beginning of the long list. To complete the level, you’ll need to overcome all of these obstacles. Besides, the physics of the game isn’t like anything you’ve seen before. Sometimes it seems like everything is playing against your character. Your rabbit will keep bouncing in a direction where he shouldn’t’ have, or falling on the back without the ability to turn over, or getting stuck to some object – the options are endless. Your task is to figure out how all this works and try to get the hang of the elusive controls in an attempt to avoid those situations.

In total, there will be over 40 levels in 4 different worlds at your disposal and you’ll need to pass them all. Each level is unique and offers trials that will make you laugh like crazy and get nervous at the same time. In addition, the game also contains several interesting modes. For instance, there are Basketball match that will challenge you to throw carrots into the basket and Carrot Hunt where you’ll have to collect more carrots than the team of opponents. In other words, you’ll get to choose from a good deal of entertainments to have a nice time off. Play Super Bunny Man online on our site and have fun either alone or with your friends!