Super Bunny Man Online

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What is Super Bunny Man, a new platformer that just started out online? This is tons of fun, great mood, unique atmosphere and a bit of craziness! If that’s what you missed in your virtual pastime, you should undoubtedly try this game. Try yourself in the role of a merry rabbit and conquer the loony physics of this colorful bunny world with plenty of levels. They are going to be complicated and dangerous, so don’t hope developers will cut you any slack! You’ll require a good deal of dexterity and ingenuity to figure out a way to pass them.

The point of the game is simple – you need to gather a maximum amount of carrot and overcome a certain distance with all the obstacles prepared for you. However, completing these two tasks isn’t as easy as it seems. Start playing and try to get to the portal of the first location. That’s how you move between the levels – you won’t proceed to the next one until you find a wormhole where you need to jump. Along the way, you’ll going to pass an impressive obstacle course. Get ready for a whole set of handicaps – any second your character can end up on the spikes, fall into a pit hole or into the water. The trickiest thing, however, is the spring trap – it will keep hurling you up until you find a way out of it. After encountering a mishap like this, your rabbit will fly far away and will be able to continue his path only from the very beginning of the location, not from the last point he reached. All this makes Super Bunny Man very thrilling and challenging. Play this incredible game either on your own or in a company of friends! You are going to have a wonderful time!