Super Bunny Man Speedrun

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Super Bunny Man is a game project in the platformer genre where the base of the gameplay is physical interaction. You are going to take up the role of the main hero who is dressed up as a rabbit and set out to encounter unforgettable adventures. There is a story mode that you’ll be able to pass on your own and cooperative that you can participate in with your friends. The total number of levels nears fifty. Each of them is completely unique and will surprise you with new, interesting tasks. The game will give you only positive emotions, so you definitely won’t get bored. You will have to overcome space and time either alone or with a company to unravel all the mysteries and reach the goal as fast as possible. All the locations are conveniently placed across four worlds and you are going to carefully explore each and every of them. To unlock access to another stage, you need to collect a sufficient amount of coins that can be discovered on the surrounding territory. And of course, you have to pick up carrots on the way because that’s what bunnies eat. Carrots shouldn’t only be collected, but for instance thrown through basketball hoops in a match play to score points. There is also a deathmatch allowing you to blow off some steam and take it out on your friends kicking them into the abyss or dragging them over onto sharp spikes. The thrilling world of Super Bunny Man is waiting for you online! So why don’t you start discovering it right now?