Super Bunny Man PC

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If you want to spend a great time playing a fun and entertaining online game, there is no better option than Supper Bunny Man! This action platformer sends you on hilarious adventures of two rabbits who decided to take a walk across unusual locations and see if they can beat all the trials.

The game features 50 daring levels scattered around 5 different worlds. Each level offers a unique set of obstacles and goals that will keep you excited and interesting throughout the process. At the end, you’re going to receive a certain amount of coins. There are several types of them. First of all, you’ll get a coin for making it to the portal leading to the next level alive. Besides, there is a hidden carrot waiting for you at some spot of every level. If you discover it and carry it with you to the portal, it will grant you another coin. Finally, you can also increase your coin number by passing the time trial.

But this is just what concerns the single player. The multiplayer features some great options too! You can participate in a deathmatch where you can fight your friends luring them onto spikes, throwing them off cliffs or jumping onto them from above to break their necks. Not really friendly, but very thrilling! Or choose a more peaceful basketball mode where you need to win a game by throwing baskets through the hoop instead of a ball. The goal is simple – scoring more points than the opposing team.

Super Bunny Man is a physics-based game, but physics works differently than you would expect here. You should spend some time just roaming the location to figure out how your character moves and interacts with different kinds of objects. The cute, colorful 2.5D graphics, brisk soundtrack and fantastic dance moves to it and controller support for as many as four players make this game a must-play for every platformer fan!